ShakeLight Caps 2-Pack


Product Description

Already own a Shake Light? Just looking for a way to shake up (pun intended) the style on your current light? Change the design with a ShakeLight cap.


  • Multiple designs for different personalities
  • Includes Colorado nature caps
  • Separate packs include CSU or CU Boulder caps
  • Features the Wildlife pack and Cute & Trendy pack as well.

If you’re tired of digging around blindly in the depths of a bag, fumbling in the dark, you need a ShakeLight. The nifty little lights sit at the bottom of your bag and are shaken awake by your own jostling. Our ShakeLight caps offer a sense of variety to your shakelight and lets you break free of the restrictions of your original caps. All of our caps are available here in a two pack, though they cannot be mixed and matched. Light up your life with a uniquely designed shake light now.