Cute & Fun


Product Description

Shake Light takes great pride in creating a light for your bag that is both affordable and completely utilitarian. But adding a touch of personality to this high functioning item shouldn’t take away the functionality. Add a picture of a cute animal on a protective case to round out the accessory that is something completely your own.


  • Rounded, pink pig depicted on the front of the case
  • Illustrated blue seahorse printed onto the hard case
  • Hard plastic keeps the light from being smothered or crushes

Avoid the exhaustion of toiling to get to the bottom of a bag to find an item. Instead, drop a shake light in to illuminate your items and make each individual thing easier to find. Interested in personalizing you handbag light with fun characters and cool designs? Our Cute and Fun package includes small animals printed onto the protective case for the light so you can add personality to every part of your bag.