Purse Supplies: Essentials For Every Bag

Preparing for the unpredictable is a skill set that not everyone is born with. You’ll have to diligently train yourself to include those little items that will turn your purse into a wonderland of convenience rather than a hulking pit of darkness. Since Shakelight specializes in providing the ultimate convenience for your bag, we figured we’d list off the other essentials that you’ll definitely need on a rainy day.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Alongside your entire book of intricate plans including lunch dates and obligations for your charity activities, including all of your other extracurriculars, it can be hard to determine what you need and when. Start with the small things first, like what you’d need if you were having an unforgivingly bad hair day, or if you’re meeting up for a spontaneous coffee meet-up with someone you want to start dating. Purse essentials like the ones included on our list will ensure that you’re never caught unawares.

Feeling and Looking Healthy

Ensuring that a long day doesn’t beat you down is key to staying chipper and ready to take on the day, including whatever curve balls it throws your way. Start off by finding a pocket version of your favorite concealer and slide it into your bag. You’ll need it if you have a pimple emergency before a spur of the moment lunch date with your nemesis or if you get dark circles before that meeting where you have to present a powerpoint. Throw in some hand cream while you’re at it so if the dry weather gets to your knuckles they don’t look chapped and feel like dried out canvas. Lastly, one of the most important accessories in your bag is your chapstick. Making sure that you include a chapstick that makes your lips feel good is a key component to making sure you feel like conquering the world as the day progresses. Since this chapstick is finding a permanent home in your bag, you can invest in the chapstick you’ve always wanted to try. Walk into Nordstrom or Macy’s and treat yourself to a quality cosmetic that smells awesome and makes your lips feel like silk.

Simple Joys

Sometimes, a couple of simple joys tucked away into your bag can be the things that turn your day from being a bad hair day, coffee stain on your shirt bad day into a good one. Keep a pair of your most stylish sunglasses inside your purse. A classic looking pair is easy to find and can add to any outfit and tie your pieces together. Oil control blotting wipes could also be a great addition to your purse and make sure you feel and perform at your best rate. If you’re worried about how oily your skin is in the summer or hotter weather, feel secure knowing you can cut down on extra sheen with a flick of you trusty wipes. Include your favorite lipstick. Access to lipstick on a regular basis is a great way to keep your confidence always on tap. A bold color will help you hone your focus and reclaim that confident smirk that you need for your next appointment in the day. If you’re on and off with a sweetheart, add a pocket vial of your favorite perfume or cologne, if you need to meet them at the last minute, your pores will be filled with that sweet smell that’s just so you.

Pure Necessity

If you live in a relatively small area, or a place with a metro, a $20 bill is enough to get you home from wherever you are usually, that is unless you’re traveling but that’s an entirely different type of “essentials to carry list.” A $20 bill is just enough to ensure that if your card fails, you don’t have to pay for your drinks by doing dishes in the back. Keep a twenty at your disposal at all times. The other necessity you definitely need in your purse is a small compact mirror that won’t take up too much room but still provides enough mirror real estate to let you work out the kinks in your makeup if needed. When there’s not a mirror nearby, like when you’re in a park, this is clutch. You don’t want to look like a swamp hag after a walk in the park just because you don’t want to venture into the park bathrooms and make sure those stray fuzzy hairs are pinned down. Speaking of pinning down hair, you should always have a packet of hairpins in your purse. A high pony can only be rocked with hairpins, a messy bun requires hairpins, if you’ve ever brushed your hair, you probably need hairpins. Breakage and short little fuzzy hair will always plague you, but not if you’re prepared for it. The other hair necessity you’ll need is a hair tie. With all of them on the market nowadays, you could likely find one that looks more like a bracelet than a hair tie. Sling it around your wrist for sure, but keep a couple backups in your bag in case that one breaks.

Don’t Take Illumination For Granted

The final thing you absolutely need in your purse supplies essentials list is a shake light. Our mini light makes sure that you can actually see what you’re doing in your bag. The purse light with automatic sensor provides visibility in your bag like you’ve never experienced. This makes keeping up with bag fashion so much more accessible as a bottomless bag from Louis Vuitton doesn’t have to be truly bottomless. Access all of your purse essentials with ease using the shake light to light up your bag. Shop our selection of lights now.