Bag Lights and More Travel Essentials You Need to Pack

Making a list of the things you totally need when you're traveling is bound to miss a few things. It can be really hard to catch every little thing when you’re so excited for your trip to start. Since we illuminate unseen conveniences for other purses, we figured we’d include a list of things that will make traveling loads easier than it used to be.

Start By Organizing

In order to find the perfect array of things for each of your bags, you’ll need to organize and prioritize. Yes, you might want to cart those three giant books around just so you have something to do if you should get bored on the plane or in the airport, stick to just the one. Chances are, you won’t get to start the other two and you should be minimalistic in your packing anyway, unlike packing for a purse,.Plan first based on the activities you’re going to be doing. Planning on walking everywhere and using public trans? Get a carryable bag that’s pretty pickpocket proof. This is especially crucial if you’re going to a bigger city where something like that has a larger likelihood of happening. Start deciding on whether you’re going to go swimming if you’re going to need rain gear, hiking gear, biking clothes and anything else.

Jot Down The Basics

The best way to start planning a trip is to start by adding up and eliminating basics from your wardrobe that you’ll need. Begin with lightweight clothing that can be layered so if it gets too cold or too hot, you have options. Tailor your wardrobe to the season, but remain flexible as temperatures are known to fluctuate without much warning. Adding a light jacket to your pack will never be a bad idea. Wear comfortable walking shoes all the time. There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere and finding out the hard waythat your shoes suck. . If they don’t have laces, that’s even better. You can wear them onto the plane and back without needing to take multiple pairs, which will take up tons of space in your case. Be sure to add sleepwear to your packing list, as it’s one of the most forgotten things, and unless you like sleeping without pajamas, it’ll be a rude awakening to find you’re missing your favorite jam jams when bedtime rolls around. Be sure to roll in a few extra pairs of underwear. Not in case you accidentally pee yourself, it’s more of a precaution for if you want to shower in the middle of the day and put on fresh undies rather than the ones you were already wearing.

Packing for the Plane

While most airlines have entertainment systems built into the back of the seat, some don’t. If you’re flying outside of the States, you might find yourself out of luck if you were relying on having access to Comedy Central for the duration of your flight. Be prepared with a book or electronic device instead of relying on the whims of airline hospitality. . Tablets and smartphones are awfully handy for when you need to play games or watch a movie to keep you occupied, and they’re all equipped with airplane mode so you can even save battery better while you’re up in the air.  If you’re flying to another country, you’ll need to have a way to charge up your entertainment and communication devices once you land so you have something to do on the way back. Be sure to find out what kind of adapter you’ll need as most other countries do not have the same electrical outlets as we have. In addition to travel entertainment, there are other comforts you should consider packing as the airfare portion of your trip is likely to be the most taxing. Some airlines provide complimentary sleeping masks and even earplugs, but that is not the majority. Be prepared and bring a travel pillow with earplugs and a sleeping mask.

Travel Tricks

If you’re going to a foreign country, it’s important to call your bank and let them know you’re leaving. If you don’t, they’ll stop your card from going through at the moment you need it most. Don’t be caught without money in a foreign area, be prepared. If you know that reception and wifi are going to be in short supply where you’re going, pin the locations that you want to go, including your hotel and airport on a map in google maps before you leave. Download the map, and you should be able to easily reach it without having to use wifi while you’re abroad. It’ll even give you directions using just you GPS, which should be able to track you no matter what your reception is like.  

Add Shake Lights to Your Bag

Travel necessities are hard to organize. But having a shakelight on hand in your bag makes sure your purse and pack lights up with just a shake so you can see the items you need to retrieve. Shop our selection now.